Supersampler vs. Oktomat - my lomographic dream.

What is a Supersampler?

1.) Four highly light-sensitive and highest precision panorama lenses are arranged so compactly and neatly on the camera that they are able to expose four precisely positioned panorama shots in series above and next to one another on a single photograph.

2.) Pressing the exposure button sets a piece of precision clockwork into motion, activating each of the lenses one after the other over the course of two seconds.

3.) The result is a whole new kind of endlessly varied serial images, depending on the action and movement you are capturing: a) a steady camera for the precise analysis of each of the tiniest or wildest movements (sports, action, driving, flying, falling, spasms, shoves...)

Also if you would like to know more about the Supersampler and where to purchase;
click HERE.

What is an Oktomat?

It's pretty much the same concept as the supersampler. Except takes 8 frames. Click HERE for more info on the Oktomat.

And finally, if you're interested in LOMOGRAPHY in general. Click HERE.

Ok. voila. Now that I'm that you've all read the above and checked out the 3 links; let's put these images into context.

It's part of visual research, for the theme "URBAN NOISE" whatever that creates will turn out in the form of jewellery.

More on that later.

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