Mogwai in Perth. 2009.

"Mogwai are a Scottish rock band from Glasgow. Formed by Stuart Braithwaite and Dominic Aitchison in 1995, Mogwai has since become one of the most influential and best known names in post-rock. They typically compose instrumental, sometimes lengthy guitar-based pieces in the post-rock tradition. They are usually focused around the elaboration of a single theme and are known for dynamic contrast, melodic bass guitar riffs, their use of guitar distortion and effects." -Wikipedia.

Last night we checked out Mogwai at Beck's Music Box. Prior to the night, I had only really given one of their albums a chance. Their "Happy music for Happy people" album. I thought it was quite nice. I must admit though, I did get a bit restless and did walk around a fair bit. But for those of you who do not know their music, I have posted a youtube clip of one of their songs. You'd probably understand why I was a bit restless after watching that clip.

Dan Deacon, was once again very impressive. I love the fact that he gets the whole crowd involved. It was quite chaotic, getting the whole crowd to run in circles(pictured above).

Fantastic night overall.

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