Etcher Sketcher.

click on the image above to see it in better detail.

Following on with the textiles printing, our next task is to develop a pattern with our own brief/concept. I've opted to go for a pattern with Etchings. I am quite interested in the idea of etching and the period associated with it. So far I've taken a look at anatomical etchings and how that can work in a pattern, without making it too macabre. The above patterns took about 4 hours worth of designing and moving/shifting and dealing with the composition, I'm not quite sure as to the success of it and will definitely need to refine it more.

Above are some crass designs and will be test printed on fabric to see how they turn out, Religious etchings are quite interesting too. Though what I've mentioned isn't quite a "concept" yet, I will post more when I have a more refined idea of the concept and where it's headed.

Also, I've tried designing it so that it would be easily printed on fabric in blocks, as you'd notice on the designs, there's half body's that would then connect to the other half ra ra ra... I'm sure everyone knows how a pattern works.

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  1. some of these remind me of mideval illustrations---gosh, i feel so insecure about my spelling.