Young Jake.

A mate & I were in the sewing studio one day, bored, lots to do but just needed a break. So we found fabric and each set out to sew what we thought would be cool/fun to wear. Initially these were just white and me, quite happy with my achievement(coz I've never sewn a thing in my life), wore them at home around another mate of mine, who commented:

"Your pants/those things that you have on, they look like diapers. Why are they all white? what's with that?!?!?!?!"

So sadly, I put them away. Until recently when I've been working on pattern prints and thought, WHY not print on them...

& Voila. The result as shown above, with the print from an earlier post(etcher sketcher post). Jakey Jake liked em, so they're his to keep and pictured above, is him being a ninJAH! Check out his blog here.


  1. Noice pic's, them pants are lookin freshh.

  2. those look great; and your denim post? i am so depressed with my new A.P.C. denim....finding the right fit and wash seems so difficult if everything in tokyo wasnt for waifs and anorexics--sigh. maybe i should do like obama and wear dad jeans.