More Work In Progress.

So I was playing around at uni today(sunday) after a massive weekend. Things were a bit slow to start as my brain seemed to have failed me somehow, anyway I developed the idea a little further. I was thinking of making a mask for my SUPERHERO and maybe mould somebody's face but I quite like the mould pictured above (that mould however isn't my work, so I'd have to mould something similar, like a featureless face - I like that idea)

I also am quite fond of the BIG BIG BIG hood thing, I'm still fine tuning it. And the back, will be left bare I think.

I HAVEN'T WORKED ON THE SHAPE OF THE DRESS ITSELF YET. I have no idea how the dress structure will be yet. :( I just spent most of today working out the hood. and how it's going to work.

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