What does life mean to you?

I was asked that question by a mate of mine recently.. to which I replied: That's very self indulging. Which may or may not have irked him, but he then responded with "That's not the question I'm asking. I'm asking what does life mean to You? What gives Your life meaning? What do you think the purpose of life is, or gives Your life purpose?"

It got me thinking.. and moments later.. this was my answer.

Well.. fashion gives my life purpose.. and for the most part – meaning.

When I was 9, I wanted to be a lawyer and defend criminals in the court of law, and I thought that was my purpose and in a super-hero-esque notion, that’d perhaps give my life some sort of meaning..

As the years passed I found myself studying architecture, and again, in a super-hero-esque Batman style notion, I thought that maybe my purpose was to build cities, and hopefully one day I’d build a city like Gotham, and ultimately that’d give my life some sort of meaning and/or substance....

I then shed all the delusions of grandeur and studied creative advertising and thought maybe the meaning of life is just to “work for the money” Create beautiful adverts, sell to thousands of people the devil’s products and be happy… and that’d be my “purpose” – The devil’s Advocate. – needless to say that didn’t last.

So naturally, I became an English teacher in South Korea. 1 year later, whatever purpose and/or meaning I could derive from that was just not worth it. I decided there and then, that I needed to be in the creative arts industry.

I am now in the fashion industry, locked away are all the delusions and notions of grandeur, and locked away are also questions like “what does life mean to me and what gives my life purpose” for when I look back at my 9 year old self and where I am today, I realise that it doesn’t make much sense to ask myself that question. For the most part and perhaps consequently/or inconsequently, however you see it, I know what makes me happy and I know what I need to do to be happy.. and maybe that’s the purpose and meaning of life.. to be happy.


  1. let the church say, Amen!

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J52OLKy1WPk

    Watch the whole thing.