Tube Project

Had to be a concept driven by something to do with "Australia": My concept is about creating form and structure through restraint and restriction. This, to me, relates to the Australian culture somewhat, in that, the whole country itself was based on citizens initially being restrained and restricted (convicts). Through restraint and restriction, however, came comfort and lifestyle. Australians forged a new way of life through this restriction. I’m posing that very same concept by challenging “the comfort of knit”. What is comfort for some may not be for others.

A big part of this project for me was the multiple-wearability issue. I simply did not want to turn a garment upside down and present that as a “new” way of wearing it. Nor did I want to randomly put holes in the tube and suggest that an arm or a foot may be inserted to create NEW wearability. Instead, I flirted with the idea, “What if, by ‘multiple-wearability’ we talk about how it pushes and pulls as a formed structure, ON the body?” What if by pushing the garment away from the body, you create a new form/silhouette, thereby creating new wearability, as it would affect the way your body moves and responds to the some restricted and restrained areas…

Keeping with that theme in mind, the concept moves away from something solely to do with aesthetics, but moreso to do with something more intrinsic to the wearer. Relating it back to Australian culture, the comfort might not be there initially, but the more the wearer experiments, pushes and pulls on the garment, the more comfortable the wearer will start feeling(and finding their own way to position the garment on their bodies), henceforth, forging a new wearability, specific to the wearer.

Sub theme of BONDAGE if you haven't already picked up....

I received quite harsh criticism from the lecturer(not our normal lecturer as this lecturer is new and has never taught fashion in her life and this was her first class) She failed to understand my concept.(apparently it's to do with wearability, she wondered why the garment couldn't be turned upside down and worn a new way...) She asked me why I didn't design in a specific way and why I didn't change my aesthetic after repeated times of her asking... I told her "I've followed everything set out by the brief for this project" and the question here isn't my aesthetic as this is opinion and no design lecturer should mark based on opinion.. I also then told her, "Even if that was the case, why would I change what I do and lower my standards just to get a better grade in this class? it doesn't make sense.." I still stand by my work, but not because I am a whiny person who can't handle criticism.. There's more to it than that.. it's about my integrity as a designer and I will stand up for what I believe in.

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  1. ivoirebraconnierApril 22, 2010

    Good on you for standing up for what you believe in :)