Fashion Sketch?

So for the few of you who actually read this blog, you'd have noticed that in the last 1.5 years I haven't uploaded any fashion sketches. There's quite a simple explanation for this.

I Can't Draw!

Well as part of the Paris American Academy competition, I had to do some sketches, which worried me a little as "Fashion Illustration 292" is to be done in Second Semester, 2nd year... which I just started this week. So I have had no prior, err.. knowledge of how to "Fashion sketch.."

It got me thinking... SHOULDN'T FASHION ILLUSTRATION BE IN FIRST SEMESTER, 1ST YEAR?!?!?! The more I hated myself for not being able to draw properly and struggling to draw the above sketches the more it made sense to me that "Yes we should've had that unit earlier"

And no. NOT ALL FASHION STUDENTS CAN DRAW. so don't even go there.


  1. These look great man! and lets face alot of things should have been taught in first year. well done curtin. clap. clap uugggghghg.

    but honestly nothing to worry about you can draw, you're just not at valentino's level where he draws like four lines and its perfect. i'm the same, takes me ages to work out what i'm drawing. fucking valentino haha.

    love youuuuu!

  2. you know.. that gives me hope...

    I want to also be able to draw 4 lines and be amazing...

    or do what Karl Lagerfield does and draw some drawings and throw it at people so they can make it.

    and i agree.. CURTIN didn't teach us much in first year!