I am your Master.

The concept for these pieces was a continuation from the Tube Project. With more of a focus on the sub-theme of Bondage. I started to think about "roles" and because this project, like the tube project, had to do with an issue/theme to do with the "Australian Vernacular" I placed more of an emphasis into creating a class structure within the 2 pieces. Which hopefully is represented through the photoshoot. There were themes in my mind like England vs Australia, Master vs Slave, Parent vs Child... all these things as a whole that relate to "control" to one.. and I guess the "loss of control" to the other.

Dominance. Dominated. In my later posts that have the 2 bodies of work in the one picture together, that idea of dominance will hopefully be shown and a clearer understanding made.

I think for the time being.. this is it and above is my conceptual drive behind these 2 bodies of work.

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  1. Feelin the dichotomy of your work which spans continents, oceans, culture, society, etc. Very nice...Now what should I wear?