Dreams do come true..

the piece.

What a great week Perth Fashion Festival has been. Last week, I won the Ready-to-Wear men's category in Student Runway at the West Australian Fashion Awards. I was ecstatic as I didn't expect it at all (and even after telling people that.. their response was: Really?... *blank stare*) Well.. YES really.. as if I would go to an awards night expecting to win?! Who does that? Kanye West perhaps. Not me. I go to an awards night for the unlimited supply of alcohol.

At this point of the night I have had a few champers, and was over the moon and was texting my friends letting them know of the news and thanking them for being such wonderful beings and downing more champagne. I thought that was that and so I wasn't paying anymore attention to anything, other than my text messaging and drinking the champagne in front of me.... Then I heard my name called again.. It took me a moment and I was thinking, well.. my costume couture piece isn't here.. why are they calling.. then it clicked.. the 3 student designers granted the Carton Studio Prize. wow. so I threw my phone onto the table and walked up on stage again and people Hi-Fiving me as I walked passed in my kilt.

As a result of the Carton studio prize, I will now have a free studio in CBD Perth, and will be in L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week and I will also be showing a collection next year at Perth Fashion Festival. They're some of the major prizes. Dreams come true. Surreal really.

The rest of the night was a blur. It was so bittersweet, and being a spiritual person, I know losing my dog the day before the awards had something to do with me winning. R.I.P Boltick. I Love you.

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