Melbourne & Sydney 2011

If you have time.. and you're in Melbourne, check out the Manstyle Exhibition on at Fed Square. It's a history of men's fashion over the last 200 years.

This Melbourne/Sydney trip was somewhat an eye opener in more ways than I could've imagined. It was a much needed trip as I was a bit up in the air about what I am going to do in 2012, but now, with somewhat more of a direction, I feel more settled and can finally get on with things. I generally don't let things get to me, but 2012 - the apparent apocalypse and all, really really played on my mind. (not the apocalypse - maybe I should do a Mayan inspired collection...? no.)

So alas, I have decided what I have decided and if all goes to plan, I'm sure I'll be posting updates here, there and everywhere.

I'd also like to Thank Perth Fashion Festival and L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival for sending me over.

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