Akira Isogawa

Day 3 - I walked around Sydney today with Akira Isogawa to one of his shops in Woollahra and then to go fabric shopping with him in Surry Hills. I am in awe of what he does and how he has done it, and as a designer just starting out, it's always fantastic to receive kind words and advice from an Australian fashion legend.

As we were walking to his Woollahra shop, I asked him how many other shops he has and where he finds time to manage them all: he laughed and said: "Well... I have this shop, one in Strand Arcade, one in Melbourne and one in Brisbane" and on top of that he told me he wholesales to David Jones and various boutiques in Australia, Paris and Japan and designs a few collections a year followed by a laugh and this statement: "I think that's enough for 1 person to handle.. I don't think I can handle anymore"

I instantly thought, My god, most people don't even do a QUARTER of what he does and here he is saying yeh.. I think that's enough... kind of puts all the stress I felt this year about graduating university into some sort of "perspective" - and also made me think; I SHOULD NEVER COMPLAIN ABOUT HAVING TO WORK TOO MUCH(not that I do... but now if I ever feel like it.. then I'll think back to today and my conversation with Akira!)

So apart from that, I am in the process of designing my VALHALLA S/S2012 collection and have just placed orders for my SWING TAGS, SIZE TAGS AND CLOTHING LABEL TAGS! from Melbourne. TAGS TAGS TAGS!!

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