I thought I'd write this somewhere as a record of my process of work. My first collection that I designed- Kings Die Like Other Men A/W 2012 was based on the loss of something/someone dear to me. It speaks of the raw emotion that we feel and the realisation that we are all bound for something greater - Death. This occurred to me on a very personal level and I had no way of expressing or even coming to terms with this. I became very destructive//anti social and the only way I found myself coping was designing this collection.

My current collection I'm working on - V A L H A L L A ++ LIFE AFTER DEATH ++ S/S 2012 references my belief that after we leave Earth, our souls travel to a non physical realm. Again, this is something very personal to me as I believe that wherever "he" is, "he" has begun his journey to live another life away from the one we know. No one ever truly dies.

"People may think life is suffering. It is best to think that death is final and everything has concluded. Buddhism states that death is not final. It is the beginning of another life. We must learn to treasure each life, and not to waste it away. With rebirth, existences never end. There is always hope to build a brighter future. Without rebirth, death is the end. All our hopes and dreams will not be fulfilled."

My next collection titled: REBIRTH || discarded memories || A/W 2013, will close a chapter in my life encapsulating the 3 collections from start to finish - Death||Existence||Rebirth. This 3rd collection pays tribute to those who have been in our lives dear to us. It is a collection that tries to capture the essence of "hope" and renewed belief, a collection that tries to show that despite what we have been through and where we have come from - it will be ok. Life knows no limits.

"Yet, even the strictest law(life) has a loophole. Only in front of rebirth that all are equal. Kings and nobles, commoners and beggars, everyone must face the cycle of rebirth."


  1. I saw the theme of equality before death, but thought it was more a comment that all kings are men, and all men can be kings... More of confucian view... that nobility is a choice.
    looking at your collection again is very interesting...
    I hope the process has gone some way to helping your loss.

  2. yes in a sense it speaks of equality and comments that no matter who we think we are - we all will travel to a non physical realm. We are all the same in the end trying to do the best we can.