Death Cab for Cutie 2009

I saw these guys last year, and was absolutely appalled by their choice of venue (Metropolis Fremantle), this time round, I think they got it right. The Fremantle Arts Centre catered nicely for their style of music and also gave the audience an option to be free from the crowd and remain seated in the grass area.

The crowd itself is also a lot different to that of last year. Now, I am aware that the crowd obviously can't change that much, as there will undoubtedly be people like myself who attended both concerts. So in having said that, I once again put it down to the venue. Atmosphere.

This concert was for their Narrow Stairs album, which in my opinion, isn't as good as their previous two albums.

I was hanging out all night hoping, and praying, that they would play Tiny Vessels from their Transatlantacism album, which if anyone could remember, WASN'T played at the Transatlantacism concert back in '08.

It wasn't to be. No Tiny Vessels yet again.

I also have to give a quick mention to their support act, Youth Group, whome up until that night, I had really only known them for their "Forever Young" song, much to my friend's disgust.

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