Patterns de la Crass.

Dad takes me hunting sometimes.

Come fly with me.

High Tea with Demeter.

We were told to design patterns. Patterns for print on fabric, large amounts of fabric. Given a theme; and just running with the idea. "Come fly with me" & "Dad takes me hunting sometimes" relates to my interpretation of a duck, and "High Tea with Demeter", was a pretty lame intepretation of a "Teapot". Which as you can see, hasn't been intepreted at all.

These are crass. The finals will be posted as soon as they're finished.

Let the comparisons be made!


  1. what about all the patterns on your old t-shirts; did you hear number nine was closing cuz the designer is #emotionally and physically# drained? per tokyo dandy; also there is a nice video of jeremy scott on tokyo dandy about being original; i hope you are doing your homework and not wasting your time doing keg stands at frat parties--is that, like middle english? anway; let's chat soon. oxox

  2. hey yes. let's chat soon.

    yehh the old tshirt designs aren't repetitive print patterns. How good would it be if i could use them?!