I like you, I like the things you do.

As some of you might already know, I joined HBF the other day. I joined for one reason, and one reason only. No, it wasn't because I felt the desire to have private health cover nor was it any of the benefits I would receive. I joined simply because, of the jingle.

I guess jingles work after all. I also found out from the HBF website that it was Josh Pyke who they commissioned for the jingle. Good work!

For those of you who would like to get the jingle as a ringtone, there are instructions on the HBF website on how to get them, it's also pasted below for your convenience.

We currently have four versions available - simply choose the one(s) you would like and text the relevant word to 0437 067 397

  • For the original version of our "I Like You" song, text MALE

  • For the instrumental version from our ‘Live Life Well’ ads, text PIANO

  • For the 'dentists waiting room' version, text STRINGS

  • For an exclusive version (not to be released on any future ads), text MUZAK

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