Le Manteau/La Veste - Lay Manvest.


The skirt turned jacket. Still working on final alterations and bits and pieces for this jacket. More importantly, I'm trying to line the jacket properly and working out how. I'm thinking of also making this piece a little more figure hugging at the back. The sleeve will also be changed(obviously, as it's a sock right now as a makeshift sleeve) but it will be as tight as that and will be longer. Long enough to reach the ground, in a softer black cotton jersey.

And that skeleton thing at the end is not my creation, I just feel that whoever ends up wearing this jacket should ride into town on that skeleton animal thing.

Photos of the final piece will be posted soon.


  1. OMG. That is reaally cool, i love how the fabric drapes, but maybe can we get a front shot?

  2. yes yes. of course, i would have to complete it first though. haha :P