So because we are currently on break, I really have nothing to blog about. I've taken up, or tried taking up Taxidermy and have been harassing the pharmacists next door to where I work to order me in some formaldehyde and/or formalin.

People think I have killed someone, and am desperately trying to preserve. I'm not that sick. Yet. I just spoke to Peter, the pharmacist next door, and he's ordering me 2L of formaldehyde. It's costing me $100 for this 2L. This is turning out to be quite an expensive hobby. I'll post pictures of my taxidermy attempts soon.

Currently, I have a dead mouse, soaking in methylated spirits to kill off all germs. Once the formaldehyde gets here, the gutting and stuffing will begin.

Two weeks ago, I volunteered backstage at an event called Boobalicious, it was a fundraising event to raise awareness of breast cancer. Two weeks from now, I will once again be backstage at another event called StyleAid which aims to raise money and awareness of HIV/Aids.

That's that for now.
We are on Hiatus.

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  1. i am thinking of volunteering again, too. your foray into formaldehyde reminds me of a sensational art exhibition in new york some years ago but cannot remember the name of the provacteur to save my life! sounds so edgar allan poe...