The New Romantic Graduation.

The Final 2 Outfits for the Recycled project.

My initial piece(pictured in the previous post) was reflecting 2 things. One - The New Romantic era that took place in the 1980’s and Two - An academical dress. I pursued this idea further. Taking inspiration from that era and questioning what it is about fashion that makes people “stare" ? - (New Romantic Philosphy - getting attention for what you're wearing... it's obviously not just limited to New Romanticism - but it was a major driving force.)

New Romanticism was a way of expression, a way of "wowing" people... So I thought it would be interesting to see how that expression could be translated into something as "boring" as an academical dress(that robe you wear when you graduate from university)

There were 10 garments that were "recycled" to make those 2 outfits.

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