Recycle project - Followup

Still the recycled project.... Refining ideas/concepts. We weren't givent much time to do this, so I think the refinement of ideas and concepts will come AFTER I reconstruct the op-shop garments.

For this body, I'm hoping to play with the idea of the 3 piece suit. With a reconstructed waistcoat over that piece pictured above, and a reconstructed dinner jacket over the whole lot..
With of course some trouser or something.. I don't know... I haven't thought about it yet.

The piece above is made from a skirt and a ladies top, and I'll be adding tight sleeves to it which would be made out of an old pair of pants.
We have 2 bodies to make for this project.

I haven't thought of the 2nd body yet.

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  1. sik man, love this piece ur working on, back silloute looks nice!