Paradigm Shift - Rorscharch & New Realities

"The way we see the problem, is the problem"

For our textiles class, we've been working on dye techniques this semester. For the past 8 weeks we've been working on a concept by which to present an idea through dye processes. Our group chose to do quite a touchy issue and that is to look at how childhood adversity affects a person and how he/she then sees "life/certain things" in their adult years.

By childhood adversity, we took a specific look at child sex abuse and child abuse with references to Alice in Wonderland and Michael Jackson. The format by which we decided to present was in the form of an inkblot which obviously referenced Rorscharch's inkblot test on personality.

There were 130-150 moulded, hand dyed rabbits made from shredded hessian to replicate hair and that grime and dirt that is sometimes associated with it.

We split the class into 2 groups and gave them 2 separate narratives - 1 about a boy that had been abused and 1 about a girl that had been sexually abused. We then asked each group to comment on the work shown (pictured above with the rabbits escaping from the centre) Each group had a very different interpretation of the work. Simply by creating a different narrative and shifting the paradigm we had 2 completely different responses to the piece.

We felt that that was important to demonstrate as we were making a commentary on how people view the world differently according to their adversity or lack of.

I had a brief interview with a friend of mine, who is a child psychologist and I will leave this entry with an excerpt from that interview;

"Q: If a child has been raped/molested, would she then view the world differently?

A: They wouldn't see the world differently it's just that the confidence and the bond with people would be broken for a while.

It also depends who did it, depending on the persons authority and the child - the scars left on the mind would be more or less severe.

Also, if there was violence or not. Which is weird to say, because rape in itself is such a violent act"

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