The White Shirt Project.

The Brief is to make a white shirt. White. No other colour, no other shades, just white. Plain and simple. I have a friend, Nghi - he's a pharmacist, and while visiting him one night at the pharmacy, I saw him in his uniform and thought; "Wow. That's white.. That's like a shirt.. why not base this project on that" (I'm talking about those pharmaceutical white shirts that are buttoned up the side.. I'm not quite sure what they're called so if anyone knows.. let me know too.. or I could ask Nghi)

So basing this idea on somewhat of a medical dress I thought it'd be interesting if I try and convey the idea of "growth/overgrowth" through this medium. I asked myself, How, without the use of colour, am I to get the idea of a medical deformity across to the viewer - deformity, in the above sense, as an overgrowth. I also asked myself how I'm not going to make this piece too clinical as I feel the above pictured are already veering toward that.

I have an idea for the pants for the fella pictured above.. I am thinking of doing WHITE lace tights for him..that shouldn't be too clinical.. Just a thought.

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