The Failed Dress.

The back detailing.

Meant to be quite assymetrical.

A friend of mine asked me to make her a dress... I set about this task thinking, it'd be a good challenge.. to design with "someone" in mind.. and to not just go "CRAZY". I think that aspect of the work was successful.. but I really really failed at fitting. Making something to fit someone.. it was a huge disappoint on my behalf and surely on my friend's too. On the dummy it was ok.. on the body, it was a different story.

I have now in addition to being full-time at Curtin, I have also enrolled in Part-Time patternmaking and sewing courses at Bentley TAFE. So let's hope I NEVER EVER have this problem EVER again. (I know it'd happen again.. maybe until I get people to sew my stuff!)

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