Can you feel the magic in the air....

I have to start focusing on Uni work. I am beginning to process school and what's involved.. another year.. another journey. This year, I think there needs to be drastic changes in the way I approach things. I feel I am driven by emotion, and that's perhaps not such a good thing. As I am starting to be afraid of the "unknown emotion" for the fear that it'd affect my work or ability to work..

Sometimes, I wish I felt like I did in 2009. I'm not far off that now, but it's different. Something is missing - almost. I don't like second guessing myself, or doubting myself, ever - but there is an element of doubt with my processes this year.. I'm questioning myself and requestioning my process..

I've said to myself, maybe this is time for spiritual growth. Maybe I am questioning myself because I'm bored.. or.. maybe I'm numb.. which refers back to the "unknown emotion" I'm unnecessarily being "emo"

But I CAN feel the magic in the air.. and 2010 will be my year.